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Spring 2019, I participated in the Big Idea Competition, co-hosted by Entrepreneurship at Cornell and Life Changing Labs, where my idea "Alley" advanced to the semi-final round. Alley is an iOS application that provides an online gallery where talented college students can sell their artworks and be paid for their talent. The idea came to my mind after my initial user research: Talking with peer students.


I researched and designed features for the mobile app's user flow, worked on interactive prototypes using invision, made an MVP using Principle for Mac, and came up with a business plan.

Duration: 1 month.

Results: App Prototype, Interaction Flows, and Style Guide

Design Tools: Sketch, Principle for Mac, Adobe Photoshop.

My Role: Research, User Testing, Visual Design, and Prototyping.

Hi!! I'm Aiden, a problem solver and product designer

who loves fashion, humaneness, interactions, and doggos.

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