My UI experiments, graphic design works, side projects & more.

I have been tackling the daily UI 100 challenge and still continuing to do so.

Daily UI Challenge

In 2017, I did a UX Research Report for Hipmunk as a part of UMichigan's UX Design & Micromaster program.

Hipmunk User Testing Report

Working as a marketing designer for Life Changing Labs, I worked on Graphic Design to promote the company's event and presence on campus.

Life Changing Labs

In 2018, I did a redesign exercise of NAVER's mobile app, Korea based search engine platform

NAVER Redesign Case Study

Since Fall 2018, I have been working at TEDxCornell as the Director of Design, working on Event Design.


Side Projects- Aiden Yeonsuk Kim's Portfolio

Hi!! I'm Aiden, a problem solver and product designer

who loves fashion, humaneness, interactions, and doggos.

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